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So what can an animated video do that live-action can’t? Well, lots of things. Animation as a medium is extraordinarily flexible and versatile – all traits valuable to your marketing efforts . So whether you’re showcasing a new product or simply doing customer outreach, here are only a few of the ways animation can help:

A Streamlined Approach
There are a multitude of moving parts that go into producing a live shoot: cameras, light and sound equipment, finding suitable talent and locations to film, etc. Animation streamlines the process: now a team of artists create locations from scratch, and the ‘talent’ consists of animated actors who always hit their marks.
Limitless Potential – Create some Animated explainer Videos
Live action is limited to what you can point a camera at, but animation has no limits at all. Fantastical scenarios, genre-busting scenes, flights of whimsy… All this and more can be accomplished though the magic of animation. If you can imagine it, JB Digital’s crack team of artists and animators can create it for you.
Incomparable Flexibility
Say you produce a piece of video content for your business… and then a few weeks later, you want to make a small change to some part of your video. With live action, that ‘small change’ might require hours and hours of reshooting footage, but in animation it’s a simple matter of editing the file on the computer.
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Animated videos for business
With the power of animation on your side, your video content can accomplish more than ever before:

Let’s face it. Us human beings are visual animals, and we love bright colors. Animation satisfies your audience’s craving for visual pizazz, and keeps their attention long enough to get your message across. Plus, an entertaining video makes viewers feel more positive towards your brand overall!
Of course you want your video content to be memorable and easily recognizable. The imagery you use should live in your viewers’ heads. Animation is a stellar way to craft a stand-out video, as your ability to create a unique visual style is limited only by your imagination.
Complex products or services don’t have be difficult to explain to your audience. Why have a talking head describe your brand’s offerings when animation can do it better? Animated explainer videos can feature moving diagrams, flowcharts and more to make what you’re selling accessible to more audiences.
For an example, check out this explainer video below, which we created for BluVision.

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