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How to Use Event Video
Every event also provides an opportunity. That is because every event is special – each one has different messages, different attendees, different experiences, and something that is worth sharing with others.

As a business that is holding an event – whether you are a trade show/convention organization that schedules events throughout the year or a corporation with their own event planned – your success is often dependent on the value that these events bring to your organization.

It’s possible to throw an internal event and move on, with no video to provide record of the event for future viewing. But events are expensive to plan, and have the potential to bring you added value when you use high definition video with professional editing to turn then event into something more.

Our Event Video Production Process
JB Digital separates itself from other video production companies through its production process. Every step along the way allows for heavy client involvement if desired, but is also transparent for those that would like to have us run the entire project while they have a place to go to follow along.

Pre-Production is where we stand out in particular. Most companies leave some of the planning up to the client. From the moment you decide to use our service, we can assist you with some of the many steps that go into event video pre-production:

Bringing all equipment and planning camera setup/game plan.
Creating a workstation for our team to use or renting out a separate space for interviews.
Setup the outputs for any live streaming and thoroughly test to ensure it is operational.
Develop narrative strategy and determine angles and audio.
Plan any animations or graphics that may be needed to complement the final product.
We assist with every part of pre-production, allowing you to sit back and let us handle the planning and setup work. We welcome your input if you’d like to provide it, but also are here to take that out of your hands and use our experience to prepare.

On the day of the event begins our production process, which is executed with multiple backups and protections to make sure it always moves forward flawlessly. Our event videographers, especially those here in Florida, are experienced in making others comfortable, so any man on the street style interviews or interactions with guests will go smoothly and comfortably.

For live stream footage, we will have someone watching the stream at all times to make sure it is running smoothly, and to provide feedback to our videographers if we believe there is more that they can capture. Though almost all live streams go off perfectly, we do have plans in place in the event that there is a malfunction of the internet or some other equipment – either on our end or ours.

Once the event is over, we start on post-production right away. Our entire process is designed as transparently as possible. We set you up with your own personal portal, where we’ll fill you in on our progress, ask questions, let you ask us questions, and more. Most projects are completed within 3 to 4 weeks depending on length. If you’d like to show off clips of the event sooner than that, let us know in advance and we can talk to you about a way to provide micro-moments and other short video clips.

The post production page starts with our rough cut, where the standout clips are put together to form a narrative based on our prior conversations. Once we’ve received your feedback, we’ll finish cleaning and polishing the video, integrate appropriate graphics, provide color corrections, and more. As always, you’ll be informed ever step of the way until the point where we’ve delivered you the final product.

For many of our clients, we also offer what we’re casually terming “post-post production.” Do you need help marketing your video? Do you need support for analytics or a way to integrate feedback? We have several tools and services available to help you make sure you’re getting the most from your video, and to support you as you move forward with other media.

Few other companies provide the fast turnaround, transparency, and thorough service that you’ll find with JB Digital. Because we also offer creative support and advanced technical skill, we genuinely believe the final product will exceed your expectations.

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We try to guide you in making not just one video out of our shoot but multiple.

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