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How We Partner with Retailers and Product Manufacturers

We’re available for one time, made to order video or ongoing monthly contracts. While many of the clients we work with are local to Florida, our product video production service requires only a product and a plan, which is why we have clients in New York, California, Washington, and throughout the country.

We can arrange a system to create a steady flow of product features, like we do for many of our clients, or we can wait until you have a product and treat each one as unique when it arrives. If we need any shots of your manufacturing plant or store, we can head to your location ourselves to gather footage or send some someone from our experienced videography network that we’ve fully vetted for their skill and talent.

If you have products that need video, we encourage you to call us and we’re happy to talk to you about the different pricing options and the process we use when we partner with companies like yours.

Types of Product Videos We Produce

As an experienced video production company, the question isn’t what we produce, but what you can imagine. We provide animation, we’ve helped create full-feature corporate films, we’ve live streamed special events – we’re here to create what you envision for your company.

For our product feature videos, we create videos that highlight the product’s strengths, develops your brand, and offers consumers an opportunity to envision using the product themselves. Depending on the product, that may require additional graphics, animations, text, actors – each product is treated as its own distinct item, and the video we develop is there to complement those distinctions.

Below is a brief description of some of the types of product videos that our team can craft for your specific item.

Corporate Video Production

We try to guide you in making not just one video out of our shoot but multiple.

Conference Video Production

We try to guide you in making not just one video out of our shoot but multiple.

Event Video Production

Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.

Product Video Production

Learn how we can help your product line grow, using video.